Help With Browser Plug-ins

Playing QuickTime Movies:
Many of the pages on this site include video or virtual reality clips that require the QuickTime movie player. QuickTime is supported by Macintosh, Windows, Windows 95/NT platforms.

If you aren't able to watch movies, there are two possibilities:

1) You don't have the QuickTime player (or a recent enough version of it) installed on your computer. To download the player, visit the QuickTime download page.

Before you download, be sure to bookmark this page, since you will need to quit out of your browser if you decide to install the QuickTime plug-in.

2) If you are using a PC with Windows Media Player installed, you may have WMP set as your default player. This means that WMP will launch, but might not play the files, or might play them improperly. If this is happening to you, please see our QuickTime on the PC help page.

Once you have the player installed:

• Remember that QT movies can be large files (up to 2 Mb) and may take several minutes to download, depending on your connection.

• To play QT movies, use the control buttons at the bottom of the movie frame.



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