Behind the Scenes

The exchange of information and ideas at conferences is intrinsic to the nature and culture of science. These meetings are not usually open to the public, and even if they were, most people would have find it difficult to understand or participate in the proceedings. Our postings from the Biology of DNA conference at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory are a sort of backstage pass to the informal side of science, an insider’s view of what goes on at a scientific gathering.

goose landing Nature magazine Franklin's X-ray
Welcome to
Cold Spring Harbor
  The Conference
Kicks Off
  Look Inside
the Program
Jones Lab   James Watson   Walter Gilbert
Voices from
Cold Spring Harbor,
Past and Present
  A Scene
at the
  Firsthand Insights:
What Scientists
Are Saying
Old Watson photo   Evelyn Witkin   Barbara McClintock
The Archivists   Evelyn Witkin Reflects
on Cold Spring Harbor's
Golden Age
  Evelyn Witkin
Barbara McClintock
gene sweepstakes   notebook    
How Many
Genes in the
Human Genome?
  Conversation Pieces:
Insights Into a
Scientific Meeting






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