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"The Genome Center was always intended to be a center that would allow for very high throughput analysis of complex genomes, including, of course, the human genome. The improvement in our knowledge in human genetics in the last few years has been so dramatic that we are now in a very fortunate position. The availability of the human genome sequence means that we can use that information and analyze diseases and individuals that we are interested in very rapidly, much more rapidly than has been possible in the past.

—Eli Hatchwell, physician and medical geneticist
Worker in the Genome Center "The Genome Center in Cold Spring Harbor started about a year ago. Initially, the genomics program focused on sequencing the DNA of model organisms such as plants, humans and mice. Soon after, Cold Spring Harbor moved into functional genomics, and there is a strong bioinformatics group here [that uses computers to compare and analyze sequences]. There are also several other groups here, including my own, who are using functional genomic approaches to really understand all the model organism sequences (which we now have)—what their purpose is, and how they’re involved in human diseases."

—Vivek Mittal, researcher in cancer genomics and DNA array technology at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CHSL)


"The primary goal is discovery, particularly in fundamental areas, and there is sufficient room made available for investigators to pursue their own interests. From that point of view, I think Cold Spring Harbor is second to none in terms of giving its scientists the freedom to pursue their scientific interests."

—Eli Hatchwell, physician and medical geneticist
Worker in the Genome Center

Eli Hatchwell In this video, medical geneticist Eli Hatchwell and cancer researcher Vivek Mittal of the Genome Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory show the process of creating a DNA microarray. This powerful, high-tech tool uses robotics to help scientists study the genetics of cancer and other diseases.
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Vivek Mittal


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