Origins Hubble a view to the edge of space  
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When Hubble looks out into space, it looks back in time.
And the images it brings to us of the past have changed
the way we think about the origins of the universe.

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hubble heritage
  Hubble Heritage, NASA's project for bringing Hubble's images to the public, demonstrates the steps required to get time on the telescope.

point & shoot
  This UC Santa Barbara Web site lets you point a telescope wherever you want in the sky and capture an image that you can then retrieve over the Internet.


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image: Reflection Nebula in Orion
(NGC 1999) 

See how NASA's image processors transform the raw data into stunning full-color pictures.

zeroing in

How Hubble is telling us more about the birth of the universe.

sky gallery
Hubble's images have changed the way we think about the universe. See what the astronomers see.


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