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Global collaborations people

Meet our cross-disciplinary team.

Meet our cross-disciplinary team of highly skilled project directors, master planners, designers, writers, fabricators, and program developers. We’re deeply rooted in the larger Exploratorium community and work creatively and collaboratively—with our partners and with each other.

  • Mike Flaherty: Associate Director
  • Megan Wheeldon: Senior Executive Assistant
  • Sylvia Algire: Program Director
  • Owen Lawrence: Senior Project Director
  • Allyson Feeney: Senior Project Director
  • Jonah Most: Senior Project Director
  • Marcus Ante: Program Manager
  • Charmaine Davis: Program Manager
  • Sarah Frankel: Project Lead
  • Milly Egawa: Project Lead
  • Leslie Evens: Project Lead
  • Danilo Markov: Project Lead
  • Allison Hu: Project Coordinator
  • Reimi Akin: Project Coordinator
  • Jina Bae: Project Coordinator
  • Eric Barreto-Maymi: Project Coordinator
  • Louis Sanchez: Project Coordinator

Exploratorium at Large

In addition to the individuals listed above, Global Collaborations projects draw on the broad expertise and capacity of the Exploratorium as a whole, including our vast network of alumni, fellows, and contributing artists. Learn more about the Teacher Institute, the Institute for Inquiry, the Tinkering Studio, and the Explainer program.


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