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Eric Dimond: Exhibits

Eric Dimond

Senior Director of Exhibits

After joining the Exploratorium in 1998, Eric worked as an exhibit developer on a succession of four National Science Foundation–funded grants. He went on to be Associate Curator of the Outdoor Gallery as the team began planning for the Exploratorium’s move to its current San Francisco waterfront location. In this role, Eric helped spearhead connections and collaborations between the Exploratorium and local community-based organization and was instrumental in the co-creation of the NSF-funded Ciencia Pública: Agua. As Director of Exhibits, Eric has worked across projects to create systems and organizational models that enhance the innovation of the extremely talented Exploratorium staff. Over the last several years, Eric has worked with other institutions in Korea, China, Singapore, Brazil, and Palestine to help them develop their own exhibit development practices based on an interactive and collaborative prototyping model.