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After Dark: College Night at the Exploratorium

After Dark: College Night at the Exploratorium

Students who present a college ID will receive free admission to San Francisco's Exploratorium on Thursday, September 28, 2023 from 6:00–10:00 p.m.


SAN FRANCISCO (September 22, 2023) – The Exploratorium is proud to partner with the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain to offer college students the opportunity to hear The Great Animal Orchestra before it ends at After Dark: College Night on September 28, 2023 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. For this one-night-only special event, college ID holders will gain free entry to the Exploratorium’s six galleries of interactive exhibits, access to The Great Animal Orchestra exhibition (on view through October 15), and an evening of special programming.

All summer long audiences have been awestruck by the West Coast premiere of The Great Animal Orchestra, a mesmerizing audiovisual art experience that celebrates the beauty and complexity of the animal kingdom. Featuring soundscapes from as nearby as Crescent Meadow, California and as far away as Mungwezi Ranch, Zimbabwe, this exhibition invites you to lose yourself in the enchanting sounds of nature—its howls, croaks, hums, trills, clicks, growls, and cries—all brought to life through real-time streaming spectrograms.

“I believe that learning to notice the natural world all around us is one of the best ways to care for our aching and longing souls, because it ties us to every living thing on the planet,” explains Lindsay Bierman, Sakurako and William Fisher Executive Director and CEO of the Exploratorium. “Even if our regular daily exposure is limited to a robin’s song piercing through the noise of all the traffic and machines that congest our cities, recognizing that it fills a unique acoustic niche in the soundscape can be a source of comfort as well as a call to action. Without the robin, all we would hear is our own dissonant noise.”


Bernie Krause: A Life with The Great Animal Orchestra 

At 7:00 p.m join Bernie Krause, Katherine Krause, and filmmaker Vincent Tricon for a conversation about the power of cinema - and sound - to share transformative and revealing storytelling. The night begins with a screening of Bernie Krause: A Life with The Great Animal Orchestra, a film from Vincent that traces Bernie’s work as a bio-accoustian who for over fifty years has traveled the world recording the sounds of animals in their natural habitats, as well as his partnership with Katherine Krause. Following the screening, Bernie, Katherine, and Vincent will share in a conversation about how visual storytelling has the transformative power of changing our understanding of the people and environments around us. The discussion will also be live-streamed on the Exploratorium’s website.

Limited Exhibition Capacity – Reserve Your Spot

Please note that The Great Animal Orchestra exhibition has limited capacity. While entry to the Exploratorium guarantees a memorable experience, early arrival is recommended to secure a timeslot to view this captivating exhibition.

More to Explore 

In addition to The Great Animal Orchestra and Bernie Krause, After Dark: College Night will feature a full schedule of programming that encourages conversation and reflection. Experience innovative creations like Eric Schmidt's pedal-powered "Use Less Car," encouraging contemplation on energy consumption. Delve into the world of coral with Dr. Cheryl Logan, exploring its ecological significance. Discover the unique biodiversity of California with the California Native Plant Society, and witness the dynamic movements of lemurs with the Razafindratsima Lab. Urban ecologist Dr. Christopher J. Schell will unravel the complexities of wildlife in urban environments, offering insights into building more equitable, biodiverse, and resilient cities. 

So take a break from hitting the books and join us for an inspiring night of discovery at the Exploratorium on September 28, 2023!

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