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Press Visits

Press Visits

How do I set up a visit and do a story on the Exploratorium?

Contact the Communications staff. We will put you in touch with Exploratorium staff and will help with story development and logistics. We request that the public information staff always be your first point of contact.

Are media admitted free of charge?

Free admission is offered to working media on assignment. Contact the Communications Department in advance of your visit.

Can I be admitted to the Tactile Dome?

Working members of the media who wish to visit the Tactile Dome as part of their story should contact the Communications Department. We will do our best to accommodate your request, based on availability.

Are photos/video permitted inside the Exploratorium?

Contact the Communications Department in advance to arrange for photo and video shoots to be used with articles or programs that feature the Exploratorium. No photographing inside the Exploratorium is permitted without advance authorization from the Communications Department.

Does the Exploratorium provide photos and videos?

Color jpegs, and broadcast-quality video is available.

Is it okay to shoot photos and video in the museum?

Informal photography and video for personal use, including engagement and wedding shoots, are allowed during regular public hours as long as other visitors' experiences are not disrupted and the photos are for noncommercial use. Photography of strangers is not allowed for any reason without the person's (or, in the case of minors, their guardian's) express, written consent.

Any photography, filming, or recording intended for publication in television or film or on radio must be approved by the Communications Department. In addition, any photo shoots outside of regular public hours or any photography that blocks access to exhibits, requires extra lighting, or results in any other potentially disruptive activity must be arranged through the Museum Rentals Department. For more information, please visit Museum Rentals.

Can I get images of natural phenomena found at the Exploratorium?

Contact the Permissions Department if you wish to purchase images for use in stories other than those about the Exploratorium.

How can I arrange for webpage grab permissions or reproducation of other materials found on your website?

Contact the Permissions Department if you wish to reproduce the copyrighted material found on our website.

Can scenes for movies, TV commercials, or background shots for interviews be shot at the Exploratorium?

These are considered on an individual basis. Contact to request location guidelines, including rate schedule.

How can I receive future press releases?

Click here to be added to the email list to receive press releases on the topics of your choice.