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We partner with people and organizations—everywhere from our own backyard to India—in everything from cinema arts to space exploration—to create powerful ways to inspire and ignite learning.

Building Global Connections

Our world extends far beyond our physical home in San Francisco. We reach out across cultures and continents to build connections with people and institutions in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, China, India, Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile, Panama, Slovakia, Portugal, and many other countries. Through these connections, we broaden our influence on formal and informal learning and help build a strong global community of educators and learners.

Partnering with Science Agencies

From working with biologist Donald Kennedy (who later became president of Stanford) to develop ten unique neurobiology exhibits in the early 1970s to presenting images of the 1974 Jupiter flyby to the public at the same time they were available to NASA itself, the Exploratorium has partnered with science researchers and organizations since its very beginning.

NASA Collaborations: Mars Rover
NASA has partnered with the Exploratorium for more than 40 years.
A large military ship sailing in front of a scenic mountain landscape, with the Golden Gate Bridge visible in the background.
The NOAA-Exploratorium Partnership
NOAA and the Exploratorium are long-term partners.