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Bryce Johnson: SPS Staff

Bryce Johnson

Staff Scientist

Bryce Johnson is a scientist-teacher with a background in environmental science and a love of inquiry, hands-on learning, and teaching. He studied mechanical engineering at UC Santa Barbara, earning BS and MS degrees, then completed a PhD in civil and environmental engineering at UC Berkeley. He worked as a scientist for the California Environmental Protection Agency on water-quality issues related to mercury contamination, and was a post-doctoral fellow in a marine chemistry lab at Texas A&M University. At the Exploratorium, Bryce has worked with teachers, artists, and exhibit developers on investigations of the San Francisco Bay, with an emphasis on the connection between humans and their impact on aquatic environments. This work has led to new professional development workshops for teachers and several new exhibits at the museum.

Bryce also lived and worked in Dharamsala, India, for two years, where he helped launch the Science for Monks program. He continues to work on this program, which trains Tibetan monks and nuns who are emerging leaders of science education within their community.