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Eileen Campbell: SPS Staff

Eileen Campbell
Science Writer

Twin themes of nature and narrative run through Eileen’s work. Growing up, she spent much of her time outside but also read voraciously. She studied zoology and marine biology, then attended the Science Communication program at UC Santa Cruz. As a science writer, she has worked extensively with museums, connecting people to the world around them via exhibits and other media. On staff for 10 years at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, her projects included the world’s first major jellyfish exhibit (Planet of the Jellies) and the aquarium’s new wing. Since then she has developed ways for people to engage with animals (Lemur Forest at the San Francisco Zoo), explore wine country geography (a book, Carneros: travels along the edge), and understand evolution via story (NSF-funded exhibit Charlie and Kiwi: an Evolutionary Adventure and resultant book), among many other projects. She joined the Exploratorium before its 2013 move to Piers 15/17 to work on outdoor installations with the Studio for Public Spaces.