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Buchanan Mall - Project Update #2

Buchanan Mall - Project Update #2

Things have been picking up as we approach the installation date! We're still targeting the end of September to install the fruits of everyone's hard work.  

Working with the Design Task Force, the installation has grown from concept to a final design. We decided that the best way to support all the things that the community was excited about was to design a kind of "community activation" scaffolding.  This scaffold would be adaptable to a range of modifications depending on the community's desires. 


Amid all the fun design meetings, our team has also been working hard with the city to make sure all the permits are in order for this temporary activation. It's the less glamorous part of these projects, but super important and deserves recognition!

A few weeks ago, we invited the members of the Design Task Force to come to the Exploratorium to do some full scale prototyping of this scaffolding. Breaking out the cardboard and masking tape, we mocked up scale representations of various ideas from the last few design meetings. 


Most recently, we brought the prototype to the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center during the Backpack Giveaway and Health Fair. There was fantastic community turnout - people from all over the neighborhood came to the fair for BBQ, bouncy houses and school supplies. We had a blast hanging out with folks and hearing their thoughts about the prototype and other stories about the Buchanan Mall park.


Things we prototyped included the "I Live For..." chalkboard wall, the Story Bench, hanging planters, and signage. It was really fantastic to hear all the feeback and see the excitement for the project. Soon we'll be moving to production to build all the basic elements for the individual installations. If all goes well we'll have a big community build event in just a few weeks! Stay tuned and make sure to check out the recent SF Chronicle article about the project here.