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NASA: Space Science News

Watching the Angry Sun (12/22/00)
A Surprising Coronal Mass Ejection (9/14/00)
Sun Bathing at Solar Maximum (9/6/00)
Space Radiation Storm (7/14/00)
Solar Storm Warning (6/7/00)
Solar Activity Puffs Up Earth's Atmosphere (5/30/00)
Solar Ups and Downs (5/9/00)
Brushfires in the Sky (4/25/00)
Geomagnetic Storm (4/7/00)
Solar Cycle Update (3/22/00)
SOHO Sees Right Through the Sun (3/9/00)
A Twisted Tale of Sunspots (2/29/00)
Coronal Hole Targets Earth (2/23/00)
Coronal Mass Ejection is Headed for Earth (2/18/00)
Small Sunspot, Big Flare (2/07/00)
The Warp and Woof of a Geomagnetic Storm (12/29/99)
Solar Cycle Ups and Downs Continue to Mystify Scientist (12/16/99)

ABC News
Telescope to Study Flares (1/11/00)
Predicting Solar Storms (12/8/99)
Storm Warnings for the Sun (11/10/99)
The Sun's 'Loaded Gun':S-Shapes on Surface Foretell Massive Solar Blasts (3/10/99)
Forecast: Severe Solar Storms (5/31/99)
Those Pesky Solar Flares (8/5/98)

Space Craft Films Spectacular Light Show (10/27/00)
News Fire Fountains May Explain Space Puzzle (9/27/00)
Satellite Tracks Magnetic Storms  (3/25/00)
Leaky Sun Threatens Disruption  (3/24/00)
The Sun's Show Hots Up  (3/03/00)
Here Comes the Sun (2/18/00)
Major Flare Erupts on Sun
Flying Boosts Radiation Dose
Solar Flare Alert (8/3/99)
Internet Reveals Solar Explosion's Target (6/7/99)
Scientist to Forecast Sun Eruptions (3/9/99)
Where the Solar Wind Blows (2/4/99)
NASA Spotlights 'Fountains of Fire' on the Sun (9/26/00)
Another Strong Solar Flare Heads Toward Earth (7/14/00)
Sun Aims Powerful Flares at Earth (3/01/00)
Sun Watching Satellite Catches Flashy Solar Show (1/26/00)
Telescope Launched From Antarctica to Study Solar Flares (1/12/00)
Science of Predicting Space Weather Making Strides (1/3/00)
Panel Urges Radiation Limits For Astronauts (12/10/99)
Upcoming Solar Storm Could Endanger U.S. Satellites, Power Grid (11/11/99)
Computer Predicts Impact of Solar Storms (11/4/99)
Forget Y2K: Prepare for the Solar Maximum (10/1/99)
Sun-like Stars Said to Emit Superflares (1/9/99)

An Exciting Year For Solar Storms (12/21/00)
New Scales Rate Space Storms (11/9/00)
Solar Probe Damaged in Lab Mishap (3/24/00)
Learning to Cope With Solar Storms (2/27/00)
New Scales Rate Space Storms (11/9/99)
Satellite Traces Solar Wind's Source (2/4/99)
Sun Watching Satellite Catches Flashy Solar Show (1/26/00)

New Scientist
Fire in the Sky (2/99)

Popular Science
Solar Fury Through the Ages (99)
Solar Weather Comes Home (99)
Arsenal of the Sun (99)

SOHO Observatory
Movies of the latest Earth-directed CME (7/14/00)
Solar Tantrum Could Last Two More Years (12/15/00)
Severe Space Storm Update (11/10/00)
Solar Weather Prediction Still In Its Infancy (9/7/00)
Biggest Solar Storm in 6 Years Strikes Earth (7/14/00)
Breakthrough On Predicting Solar Storms (6/20/00)
NASA's IMAGE Telescope Shows Magnetopause Glow Around Earth (6/01/00)
Scientist Say Earthly - Not Solar - Particles Create Auroras (6/01/00)
Solar Storms Keep Space Forecaster Hopping (4/17/00)
Space Weather Observatory Launched Successfully (3/25/00)
Here Comes the Sun...Maybe (3/02/00)
Solar Eruption Jets in Our Direction ( 2/18/00)
Our Smokin' Sun: SOHO Sees Solar Rings (2/05/00)
Scientists Study Our Hot Star from Coldest Clime (1/15/00)
Solar Max May Not Be As Meddlesome As First Thought (12/16/99)
Space Weather Oddity Sends Solar Particles Straight to Earth (12/14/99)
Report Warns That Solar Storms Could Harm Spacewalking Astronauts (12/10/99)
Radio Blackouts Herald Boost in Solar Activity (11/17/99)
Controversy Erupts Over Theory on Solar Eruptions (11/17/99)
Sun May Pick Up Where Y2K Leaves Off (11/10/99)
Radio Blackouts Herald Boost in Solar Activity (11/17/99)
Sunspot Activity Will Peak Next Year (10/15/99)
Solar Magnetic Field Spawns Tremendous Coronal Loops (8/06/99)
X-Rays from Solar Flare Disrupt Shortwave (8/04/99)

USA Today
Scientists Study Our Hot Star from Coldest Clime (1/15/00)
Impact of Solar Storms Studied (11/23/99)
Understanding Space Weather (10/11/99)
Solar Maximum Will Ignite Auroras (6/24/99)


 NASA/ NOAA: Daily Reports

Current Solar Forecast
Current Geomagnetic Conditions
Report of Solar & Geophysical Activity
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 •  The Sun-Earth Connection: News
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 •  Solar Max 2000@NASA ISTP: Popular Articles
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 Aurora & Geomagnetic Forecasts and News

Alaska Currents Magazine - "Storm Warnings" and articles on the Northern Lights.

Auroras 2000: News and Forecasts - News and live data.

Aurora Forecast - Daily Aurora forecasts for Alaska and Northern Canada from the University of Alaska.

Current Geomagnetic Conditions - From the Australian Space Forecast Center.

NOAA POES Auroral Activity - Aurora updates, images extrapolated from measurements taken by the POES satellite.

Geomagnetic Data from the Auroral Observatory - Magnetograms and other data in realtime or 'near' realtime. From the University of Tromsø.

VIS (Visibile Imaging System) Current Image - Current images generated by data collected from the POLAR satellite. From the University of Iowa.

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