About the Book

The Structures Around the World Website contains eight of the nearly three dozen activities found in the publication, "The Exploratorium's Guide to Scale and Structure" written by Barry Kluger-Bell and the School in the Exploratorium. All activities in this book have been tested in elementary school classrooms. The publication also contains additional information such as overviews for each section, a glossary of terms, and an extensive bibliography.

The Exploratorium's Guide to Scale and Structure is available for sale in the Exploratorium's Online Store. Purchases in the Online Store help support the educational programs of the Exploratorium. To find out more about the Exploratorium please visit our main Website.

About this Website

Structures Around the World is a collaborative project involving three museums from three different countries--The Exploratorium (United States), the Explor@dome (France), and the Labratorio Imaginario Scientifico di Trieste (Italy). This project was made possible with generous funding from Unisys as part of the Science Learning Network.

Each museum will work directly with one school, exploring these activities and sharing the results with the other partner schools and museums. If you'd like to share your results, please email us at: webteam@exploratorium.edu

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