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50th Landing Page: Prototype the Future with Us

50th Landing Page: Prototype the Future with Us

Prototype the Future with Us

In 2019 the Exploratorium celebrated a milestone birthday—50 years of constantly prototyping the next big idea. Today our mission to transform science education has never been more vital. We invite you to join us on the journey as we launch eagerly into our next half century of igniting curiosity in the scientists, teachers, and engineers of our shared future.

In 2019 the Exploratorium celebrated a milestone birthday—50 years of constantly prototyping the next big idea.

Ignite your curiosity

Tinker, touch, dance, and experiment in our “woods of natural phenomena” on Pier 15.


Join our community

Members support our work—and enjoy unmatched value and privileges.


Be the catalyst

Your gift counts. Impact the next generation of scientists, teachers, and curious ones.


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Experience Our Impact

Two people interacting with an exhibit

Partnering around the globe

Far beyond Pier 15, we strive to be a catalyst. We’ve integrated hands-on exhibits into UCSF’s Benioff Children’s Hospital, mentored emerging exhibit developers from Ramallah, sparked dialogue on American civic life at the Smithsonian, and helped San Francisco neighbors envision—and build—a safe, green, well-used urban park. Learn more about our collaborations.

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Art as a way of knowing

From artists-in-residence to beloved artworks to special exhibitions, the arts are a fundamental method of discovery at the Exploratorium. Our summer 2019 exhibition was no exception: Self, Made: Exploring You in a World of We included Angélica Dass’s acclaimed Humanae project and work by Kehinde Wiley, painter of Barack Obama’s presidential portrait.

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Teachers learning

Tools for teachers everywhere

Hungry for fresh, fun science activities you can build yourself? Our Science Snacks are hands-on, teacher-tested explorations of scientific phenomena across 40+ subject areas. Or come discover our vast archive of videos, websites, and activities, freely available to learners and educators everywhere—whether you’re exploring sports science or climate change

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Save the Date

Join us! Each year, these festive fundraisers provide vital support for the Exploratorium's educational mission.

Discover Our Story

In 1969, the Exploratorium opened in San Francisco, upending traditional ideas about what a museum could be. Instead of hushed halls filled with untouchable artifacts, it was a sprawling landscape of explore-for-yourself exhibits.

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Make the Connection

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Diane Whitmore building an exhibit

Behind the Scenes at the Exploratorium
Meet the women behind Exploratorium exhibits.

Wonder Funday

Climate Change Explorer
Discover how researchers study climate change and examine the latest scientific data.

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