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Tech & Play

Tech & Play

The Tech & Play initiative is an international network of partners that develop, practice, and research playful approaches to learning with and without digital technology. The shared goal of our Community of Practice is to strengthen education practice through tinkering and play-based approaches both in and out of school. Together with our partners in Rwanda, Kenya, Brazil, and the US, we have an opportunity to exchange knowledge, insights, and lessons learned from diverse national contexts and expand and transform our practices together. 

What's Happening

  • Introduction to the Brazilian Creative Learning Network (RBAC) (blog post)
  • Introduction to Right to Play (RtP) (blog post)
  • Light and Shadow Remix workshop with RBAC (recording)
  • Balance Explorations with RBAC (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)

Meet the Partners

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Rede Brasileria de Apredizagem Criativa

The Brazilian Creative Learning Network is a grassroots movement that implements playful, creative, inclusive, and relevant hands-on educational practices in schools and informal learning spaces throughout Brazil. BCLN organizes programs and events that give voice to thousands of educators, researchers, managers, entrepreneurs, artists, families, and students.

Here's a workshop on Balancing Sculptures with Brazilian educators, pictured left.


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Kenya Play

Kenya Play (KPLAY) aims to make playful learning the standard for good teaching and learning in Kwale and Kilifi counties. The project is led by IREX with technical support from humans who play. Aligned with Kenya’s new national Competency-Based Curriculum, KPLAY is working to help teachers build skills and dispositions that support playful learning with technology. 


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Right to Play

Right To Play believes in the impact of learning through play on children's well-being and life skills. The team participated in the development of the Rwandan competency-based curriculum through the contribution of direct technical support on and advocating for the inclusion of play-based learning. They were able to achieve a significant impact on the inclusion of play in the national curriculum while also remaining in alignment with governmental priorities.

Since then, Right to Play's work to support teacher professional development through the integration of play-based learning includes in-service teacher training, coaching, and mentoring, and curriculum for pre-service teachers. Documentation from a Shadow Remix workshop with the team is pictured above.


What does the work in this project look like?

Ongoing (remote) activities include joined teacher professional development, collaborative activity development, exchanges about existing practices and learning frameworks.

Project Partners: 

Start date: November 2020     


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This project was made possible through generous support from the LEGO Foundation.