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Tinkering Tinkerer: Cathy McEver

Cathy McEver
An elderly woman with short, light-colored hair wearing round, red-framed glasses and a green and brown floral shirt.

Cathy McEver lives in Oakland, California, a city that exemplifies the promise inherent in the international urban village of tomorrow. She's been creating art ever since she could wield a pair of scissors, cut of a lock of hair, and combine that with a rubber band and a pencil to make an ad hoc paintbrush. Cathy's website

Cathy drives around town in a 1978 Chevy Nova covered with thousands of beads, pennies, bits of jewelry, baby doll parts, buttons, cocktail picks, commemorative coins, random memorabilia, and found baubles. She makes her own clothes, and some days realizes she's made everything she has on including her pocketbook (fashioned out a recycled truck tire inner tube), except her underwear. These days Cathy spends weekends dumpster-diving in deserted back alleys of industrial districts in Oakland and long afternoons wandering for miles down stretches of railroad tracks scavenging for strangely perfect scraps of rust or interesting, oddly twisted bits of metal. Regular visits to flea markets and salvage yards flush out her working materials. Cathy's artwork includes assemblage, textile art, installation/interactive pieces and fashioning things out of unlikely materials. Lately she's been engaged in creating objects that are fleeting in nature and photographing them.

 Cathy's interview at Open MAKE Trash