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Tinkering Tinkerer: Ken Murphy

Ken Murphy
A man with glasses and a serious expression, looking thoughtful.

Ken Murphy is a musician, tinkerer, and jack of all trades. He mentored a robotics club at a school and became obsessed with microcontrollers and trying to use electronics creatively. In the quest to make the simplest thing possible, he came up with blinky bugs.

Ken collaborates with Learning Studio staff, sharing ideas and techniques on electronics and interactive art. He is currently undertaking a year-long effort to film the San Francisco sky every day. Currently, an image of the sky is being captured every 10 seconds from a camera installed on the roof of the Exploratorium. The images collected over each 24-hour period are assembled into a 6 minute movie called “A History of the Sky.” The final piece will consist of a large projected grid of 365 movies, each representing one day of the year, and cycling in parallel through consecutive 24-hour periods. The viewer can stand back and observe the atmospheric phenomena of an entire year in just a few minutes, or approach the piece to focus on a particular day.