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Tinkering Tinkerer: Ricardo Nemirosvky

Ricardo Nemirosvky
Ricardo Nemirovsky

“Like literary fiction, mathematical imagination entertains pure possibilities.” 

Ricardo Nemirovsky has a background in physics, which he studied in his native Argentina, Mexico and the US. Dr. Nemirovsy’s research program focuses on an investigation of the embodied nature of cognition, with an emphasis on the roles of body motion and kinesthesia in mathematics learning.A woman and a man exploring a tensegrity model made of long wooden dowels connected with string
Proponents of embodied cognition hold that cognitive processes are deeply rooted in the body’s interactions with the world and with others and that perceptuo-motor activity is embedded in the use and production of tools and symbols. Dr. Nemirovsk’s pioneering research on the embodied nature of cognition and on the creative use of mathematical artifacts has been influential and has resulted in a number of well-cited papers. At the national level and international levels, Dr. Nemirovsky has distinguished himself as a leader who works with a broad variety of researchers ranging from physicists to semioticians and most recently cognitive neuroscientists. Additionally, he has designed numerous mechanical devices and software to enrich the learning of mathematics, including several math-oriented exhibits for science and technology museums.

During is residency with us, Ricardo and the Tinkering Studio team explored the relationships between math, tinkering, tensegrity, and the way our body holds knowledge about the world.

A woman explores a tensegrity model made of craft sticks and rubber bands