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Tinkering Tinkerer: Shawn Lani

Shawn Lani

Shawn Lani is a senior artist at the Exploratorium. Most recently, Shawn worked as lead developer for the Outdoor Exploratorium, a series of interactive exhibits at San Francisco’s Ft. Mason designed to help visitors explore the subtle phenomena of the everyday world and the complex systems at play in outdoor environments.

Shawn's Website

His work can be summarized as a collection of curios created as accessible objects of wonder; mysterious yet navigable. Ideally, interacting with them leads to the type of investigations common to both scientists and artists: noticing details, asking questions, and exploring phenomena. Shawn is also an accomplished regional artist with large-scale water sculptures in downtown San Francisco and pieces on permanent display in over forty national and international venues. He received a design award from the New Orleans chapter of the American Institute of Architects for his work with fellow Exploratorium artists on a monumental kinetic building facade. In the Tinkering Studio, he installed beautiful strobing flowers made of plastic bags.