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Tinkering Tinkerer: Stephanie Muscat

Steph Muscat
Stephanie Muscat

As a kid, Steph thought her superpower was seeing molecules. She was actually just nearsighted, but a fascination with the gap between an objective reality and how we see it stuck. Steph's Website

She tackled these gaps first from a biological perspective while completing her bachelor’s in human biology with a neuroscience concentration at Stanford, and then through a conceptual lens while earning her MFA in digital + media from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her body of work is really a front to talk to people about their own jumps from observation to belief. As an educator, her approach is an ongoing experiment in how learners of all ages overcome the barrier of trepidation to tackle something new. She did an artist residency with us in 2018, and now works on the Tinkering Studio team as a Tinkering Specialist.

Papier mâché sculpture of an eyeball
Wooden drawers and shelves with various objects on them