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Variety is the spice of life—or is it?
Earth hosts millions of species in myriad forms—a fraction of all that have gone before—but this riotous diversity masks an underlying unity.

Woodpecker and tree, ant and elephant, bacterium and human—deep down, we’re all alike. Our methods may vary, but we all use energy and reproduce. As species, we all evolve. And we’re all made of the same ingredients—cells.

Cells connect us not just to each other but to a common ancestor. We’re all ultimately variations on an ancient recipe, passed on from generation to generation since life sputtered out of a primordial soup.

While there are many characteristics that distinguish living from inanimate matter, the exhibits in the Traits of Life collection focus on four defining features: all life is made of cells and DNA; life makes more of its own kind; life evolves over time; and life uses energy.

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