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The Stuff of Life Life Needs Energy Making More Life Change Over Time

Life on earth requires an ongoing supply of energy to perform even the most basic functions, like cell division and muscle contraction. To learn some of the ways organisms get energy, click on one of the choices below.

Online Interactive

Energy from DeathEnergy from Death:
Learn how living things get energy from dead ones in this interactive exhibit. You will need the free Flash Plugin.

CompostHot Pile:
Find out how we build a compost pile (2MB Quicktime movie). You will need the free Quicktime Player.



NeckThe Body Farm: Human corpses decay alfresco, all in the name of science.
NeckTurning Garbage into Gold: Seasoned gardeners depend on a community of bacteria, worms, and insects to get the most out of their plantings. Find out why.

: The Stuff of Life, Life Needs Energy, Making More Life, Change Over Time

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