Everything Matters: Tales from the Periodic Table

The periodic table outlines the fundamental building blocks of all known matter in the universe. Arriving from the Big Bang, the fusion wombs of stars and supernova, and collisions between interstellar matter and cosmic rays—and through production in the lab—the 118 elements currently arrayed on the periodic table display unique and beautifully related properties and behaviors. Be in your elements with Exploratorium host and scientific raconteur Ron Hipschman. Follow tales of intrigue and invention, join in dynamic demonstrations, and uncover fascinating connections between individual elements and our collective experience.

Everything Matters: Tales from the Periodic Table Episodes

Published:   December 21, 2018
Total Running Time:   00:35:00
Published:   November 15, 2018
Total Running Time:   00:25:26
Published:   October 19, 2018
Total Running Time:   00:40:00
Published:   July 22, 2018
Total Running Time:   00: 39:59
Published:   July 1, 2018
Total Running Time:   00:39:45