Exploratorium Opening at Pier 15: Emergence
Building the Exploratorium at Pier 15: Timelapse
Exploratorium at Pier 15: Green Machine
A Joint Effort
NBC News: Exploratorium Move
Exploratorium at Pier 15

The Exploratorium moved to Pier 15 on the Embarcadero, which runs along the city's historic eastern waterfront. With three times the space, the Exploratorium has expanded its exhibit experience, both inside and outdoors, and has enhanced access to new learning opportunities. This location also offers greater visitor access from around the Bay and beyond.

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Exploratorium at Pier 15 Episodes

Published:   March 14, 2019
Total Running Time:   00:00:37
Published:   February 22, 2019
Total Running Time:   00:00:17
Published:   November 24, 2015
Total Running Time:   00:00:40
Published:   December 4, 2014
Published:   November 7, 2014
Total Running Time:   00:00:47
Published:   June 3, 2013
Total Running Time:   00:00:22
Published:   May 22, 2013
Total Running Time:   00:01:45
Published:   May 22, 2013
Total Running Time:   00:03:20