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Science in the City: Tofu
The Science of Firefighting: Cisterns
Camera Obscura
Preserving our Wild Fish
Science in the City

Urban environments like San Francisco are full of mysterious natural and human-made phenomena. Why are there so many one-footed pigeons? Where does the sewage go? Why is our “summer” in May and September? The Exploratorium is “taking it outside" to explore these and other questions in engineering, ecology, optics, waves, geology, architecture, weather, and more. 

Science in the City Episodes

Published:   October 13, 2015
Total Running Time:   00:06:25
Published:   September 16, 2015
Total Running Time:   00:06:09
Published:   September 9, 2015
Total Running Time:   00:13:59
Published:   September 1, 2015
Total Running Time:   00:05:11
Published:   August 11, 2015
Total Running Time:   00:05:00
Published:   July 8, 2015
Total Running Time:   00:06:09
Published:   July 1, 2015
Total Running Time:   00:04:05
Published:   June 10, 2015
Total Running Time:   00:05:31
Published:   May 27, 2015
Total Running Time:   00:04:59