Infinity Room

Published:   June 8, 2018
Total Running Time:   00:00:00
Thursday, June 14–Sunday, July 15, 2018

Infinity Room is part of a series of Temporary Immersive Environment Experiments by Refik Anadol. Immersion is the state of consciousness where one’s awareness of their physical self is transformed through an engrossing, often artificial environment, and their sense of a presence in a nonphysical world begins. In this project, the concept of infinity is used to transform the conventional cinema screen into a three-dimensional kinetic and architectural visualization space.

Refik Anadol (b. 1985) is a Los Angeles–based media artist and designer born in Istanbul, Turkey. His works explore the interplay between digital and physical entities, creating a hybrid relationship between architecture and media arts. Refik’s work encompasses two major approaches: site-specific public artworks designed from data visualizations and live audio/visual performance crafted as immersive installation.

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