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February 21, 2021

media object: Storytime Science for Kids: The Color Episode

Join us for Storytime Science—a storybook read-aloud, followed by a simple activity geared toward young children. This February, the Exploratorium's own Vivian Altmann reads Black is a Rainbow Color, written by Angela Joy and illustrated by Ekua Holmes.

Color can be more than paint on a piece of paper. Sometimes color has special meaning. It can describe an emotion, a culture, a history, a connection to family, a way to see ourselves. Black may not be a color of the rainbow we see in the sky or paint on a page, but our activity shows that black is really all the rainbow colors mixed together.

For the color-mixing activity, you'll need:

the three primary colors of paint—yellow, magenta (dark hot pink), and cyan (turquoise)a white ice cube trayat least four cups filled with waterat least three paint brusheswhite paperone or more pipettes or eye droppersleaves, flowers, and/or small branchespencil and paper to mark down your data

Then Viv will wrap things up with another poem!