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July 26, 2021

Storytime Science for Kids: The Fluid Motion: Wind Episode

Join us for Storytime Science Online—a storybook read-aloud, followed by a simple activity geared toward young children. This July, the Exploratorium's own Vivian Altmann reads Gust, Gust, Gust!, written and illustrated by Ray Jaramillo. Gustavo is afraid of the strong wind, but not when he plays the bongo drums with his grandpa. Then the wind stops. But their village needs wind for power! Can Gustavo and his bongo drums save the day?

Then see the wind in motion by building your own pinwheel!

You'll need:

Card stock or heavy paper, about 4 ½ “ square

Ruler, Pencil, Scissors

A paper straw (paper is best and most eco-friendly)

A pushpin or thumbtack and a grown-up assistant

A small piece of a pencil eraser

And finally, don't miss Viv's poetry corner—she'll be sharing haiku about the wind, seventeen syllables at a time.