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After Dark: Go with the Glow

Two dark-haired visitors stand underneath Museum of the Moon display, smiling at each other
After Dark: Go with the Glow

Forget about happy lamps—beat the winter blues with Glow, our seasonal exhibition at After Dark! Spontaneously create music with giant light cubes. Feel human again as you look at yourself in mechanical mirrors, and practice mindfulness by playing LED dungeon crawlers. For an even more delightful evening, investigate how the human eye receives light with Exploratorium educator Zeke Kossover, and build a working light bulb model with our Explainers. Don't miss the dance party with DJ Nocturnal!

Light Investigations
8:00 p.m.
Kanbar Forum
With Zeke Kossover

Tonight, become a detective of light! When our eyes are open, we are constantly receiving light. Can you describe how you are receiving that light, and how the images you see are formed? Join our staff educator, Zeke Kossover, as he invites you to join in a series of interactive investigations that break apart the how of light to wondrous—and perhaps surprising—effect.

Light Demos
6:30–9:30 pm
Bechtel Gallery 3
With the Explainers

Explore all things light! Make a working light bulb model and play games comparing different and unknown light sources. 

DJ Dance Party
6:30–9:30 pm
Gordon and Betty Moore Gallery 4: Living Systems
With DJ Nocturnal

DJ Nocturnal is a true cutter and scratcher. His skills have carried him around the country, competing, touring, studio engineering, and hosting radio shows. He’s a founding member of Sacramento’s mighty Sleeprockers Crew, official DJ for Pep Love of Hieroglyphics and J. Lately, and a pivotal member of the highly respected Skratchpad community. His every performance gives rise to a little turntable trickery and party-rocking fundamentals. 

Food and drinks will be available for purchase at our Seaglass Restaurant and additional bar locations.