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After Dark: Summer Solstice

A model of the solar system, showing the summer solstice.
After Dark: Summer Solstice

On Summer Solstice, our galleries will be as lit as the day outside. Encounter the ExtraOrdinary! with our special exhibition that turns everyday objects into stunning artworks, and enjoy breathtaking waterfront views at our Observatory. Come celebrate the longest day of the year at After Dark, and discover something new about yourself.

Light Year
6–10:00 p.m.
Osher Gallery 1: Human Phenomenon

Light Year
by Paul Clipson

In light of summer and the Exploratorium's waterfront location, Clipson's abstract study of the area surrounding the San Francisco Bay showcases the Embarcadero as a complex natural and cultural system, from the ephemeral rhythms of light and water to the rigid order of crosswalks and skyscrapers. The colors of the cityscape are reflected and replicated in each environment over time, from warm sunlight during the day to the cool electric lights of the night.

Commissioned by the Exploratorium, Paul Clipson's Artist-in-Residence project focused on filming the landscape surrounding Pier 15. This film-poem invites visitors to engage in deep observation and to further explore the world that surrounds them at the intersection of the arts, sciences, and culture.

(2013, 10 min., 16mm)

Paul Clipson: Exploratorium Artist-in-Residence 
This short portrait of experimental filmmaker Clipson reveals his ways of thinking and mode of working which involved improvised, in-camera-edited films, bringing to light subconscious preoccupations and unexpected visual forms. He muses on the intrinsic nature of cinema, the essence of his residency, and ways to notice transitional landscapes.

(2013, 4.5 min.)

The Cinema Arts film collection is made possible by the Louis Goldblatt Memorial Fund.

DJ Dance Party
6:30–9:30 p.m.
Gordon and Betty Moore Gallery 4: Living Systems

Join us for a dance party hosted by DJ Shortkut!

DJ Shortkut began his career in San Francisco in 1987 as a mobile DJ, progressing on to competing in World DJ championships. He has performed at renowned events and venues including Coachella, Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, the Boiler Room, The Do-Over, and numerous festivals around the world. He is also the official opening DJ for L.L. Cool J’s Force Tour, alongside legendary artists The Roots, De La Soul, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Rakim, touring 19 cities nationwide.