For the Curious Online:
Exclusive Member Virtual Programs—Mini Mathematical Universes

With Gord! (Gordon Hamilton)

Saturday, May 8, 2021 • 10:00–11:00 a.m. PT

Our universe is messy. Its laws are difficult to figure out, its size is intimidating, and it's a hard place to try to learn the scientific method. It’s much better to visit a Mini Mathematical Universe that is designed to reveal its secrets! 

In this workshop you can take a stab at applying the scientific method to a collection of intriguing—and fun—Mini Mathematical Universes. Each one is a mathematical creation that, with enough poking and curiosity, can be figured out. With Gord! (Gordon Hamilton)—creator of these Mini Mathematical Universes—as your guide, get ready to explore, test ideas, make predictions, and figure out the laws that guide each one.

Gord! (Gordon Hamilton) is the founder of MathPickle, which develops a range of curricular puzzles (several published in the New York Times) to help teachers address the challenge of engaging learners across a range of abilities. He is also the designer of the board game Santorini and designs puzzling experiences at the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival.

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