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Director's Circle Dinner 2024

Director's Circle Dinner 2024
Director's Circle Dinner 2024

The Oppenheimer Living Legacy 

Frank Oppenheimer

Join us for the 2024 Director’s Circle Dinner, featuring a thought-provoking conversation about the Oppenheimer legacy, founder Frank Oppenheimer’s impetus for creating the Exploratorium, and complex moral issues facing STEM today. Learn how the Exploratorium is leading the change to broaden participation in informal science learning environments. 

This year’s panelists include Charles Oppenheimer and Kate Oppenheimer, grandchildren of J. Robert and Frank Oppenheimer, Exploratorium Senior Scientist Dr. Isabel Hawkins, and moderator Joshua Sokol, science journalist and 2024 Osher Fellow at the Exploratorium—a conversation that promises to be invigorating and inspiring. 

Note: This event is an exclusive benefit for Director's Circle, Leadership Circle, and Exploratorium Trust donors. Innovator and Catalyst Circle donors: upgrade your level of support today to attend this unique event and take advantage of exciting opportunities to connect with experts and thought leaders. 




Charles Oppenheimer is a San Francisco–based software engineer, entrepreneur, and investor, and the grandson of physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer. Together with his family and the Oppenheimer Project, Charles is committed to honoring the legacy of J. Robert Oppenheimer and advancing a safer future in the face of technological change. 

Kate Oppenheimer is chief people officer at DivcoWest and a founding member of the Oppenheimer Project, which fosters international collaboration and encourages open discussion among thought leaders to address today’s existential threats. Kate became aware of science through her grandfather, Frank Oppenheimer, who used to create toys for her, such as a Foucault pendulum. 

Isabel Hawkins is an Exploratorium Senior Scientist with a Ph.D. in astrophysics from UCLA. A native of Argentina, Isabel’s focus at the Exploratorium is on NASA-, the National Science Foundation-, and museum-funded efforts related to Latinx audience engagement. She was previously an astrophysics researcher and science educator at the Space Sciences Laboratory at UC Berkeley. 

Joshua Sokol is an award-winning freelance science journalist. He worked as a data analyst for the Hubble Space Telescope and graduated from Swarthmore College and the science writing program at MIT. His work has appeared in many publications, including Science, The Atlantic, The New York Times, and The Best American Science and Nature Writing anthology.