At Home: Prelinger Archives Home Movie Collection

Tuesday, January 7–Sunday, February 2, 2020

Osher Gallery 1, Microcinema

Included with museum admission.

Created as personal keepsakes to capture glimpses of the moments that become the almanac of a life lived, over time the value of individual home movies increases. Practically, they transform into some of the most detailed historical records of times, places, and the essential mundanities that are the fabric of our days. Period clothing, lost landscapes, recipes, toys. In home movies these familiar things can be observed through unedited and detailed views. 

Primarily drawn from the Prelinger Archives Home Movie collection, these selections showcase personal stories with universal appeal. From families traveling to far-flung landscapes to birthday parties for toddlers, these intimate films made by strangers feel quite familiar.

A celebrated film collector, scholar, filmmaker, and historian, Rick Prelinger built this collection over several decades from many sources; auctions, flea markets, donations, and beyond.  He and his partner Megan Prelinger established the San Francisco Participatory Archive Group to begin processing and making available his 1000+ home movie collection. Selections are available for both viewing and creative reuse through the Internet Archive.