Market Street Prototyping Festival: Kino Kiosk

Friday, April 10, 2015 • 8:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.

Market Street between McAllister Street and Golden Gate Avenue (San Francisco)

Part moving images installation, part outdoor screening, Kino Kiosk presents a variety of films responding to the culture and development of San Francisco’s Market Street. Step close and see historical footage paired with documentaries and artistic interpretations of the city’s main thoroughfare. Help create lively soundtracks, and test your trivia knowledge to win door prizes! Part of the Market Street Prototyping Festival, the Exploratorium’s Kino Kiosk takes place at the Studio for Urban Projects’ Outpost on Market Street between McAllister Street and Golden Gate Avenue. Whether you stop for a glimpse or stay to engage, Kino Kiosk offers a cinematic moment for everyone passing by.

About the Market Street Prototyping Festival:

From April 9–11, 2015, Market Street will transform into a public platform, showcasing exciting ideas for improving our famed civic spine and how we use it. Winning entries will be brought to life for three days along Market Street’s sidewalks, where millions of pedestrians from all walks of life will have the chance to experience, explore, and interact with the prototypes. The goal of the Prototyping Festival is to unite diverse neighborhoods along Market Street, encouraging these vibrant communities to work with designers, artists, and makers to build a more connected, beautiful San Francisco.

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