Ricketts-Inspired Bay Cabaret

Saturday, September 23, 2017 • 7:00 p.m.

Doc's Lab in San Francisco's North Beach

Free; RSVP required. Email reserve@exploratorium.edu or call 415.528.4444 and choose option 5.

Note: This event is offsite; the address can be found at the bottom of this event listing.

Please join us at Doc’s Lab for a cabaret-style evening of talks, performance, and music about the future of San Francisco Bay, inspired by an Edward Ricketts proposal in 1940 for a guidebook to the Bay.

Ricketts's proposal envisioned a book—one he would likely write with John Steinbeck—that would investigate the "Bay as it is, considering the sociological implications of what lives where.” Rather than define marine species using taxonomies, he envisioned the Bay as a habitat of communities—including those living on pier pilings and at industrial sites—at different tidal zones. Ricketts was forward thinking and inspirational in this line of thinking. His “community-based” approach is a springboard to talk about our continued human relationship with the landscape—and how we influence the Bay and how it influences us, now and into the future.

Readers, Performers, and Poets

Mathew Booker
Shawn Lani
Jane Wolff
Byron Au Yong
Rick and Megan Prelinger
Malcolm Margolin and Rene Yung
Jason Groves and Pireeni Sundaralingam
Sara Dean
Tina Gerhardt
Mary Ellen Hannibal
A special film presentation curated by Liz Keim

This is a program by the Exploratorium’s Fisher Bay Observatory’s Urban Fellow Program.

Supported by the Seed Fund.

Event Location
Doc’s Lab
124 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco, CA

Photo: Typical examples of shore types. a. Protected outer coast. b. Bold headland of the outer coast. c. Enclosed bay or estuary. From Ricketts, Edward F. and Calvin, Jack, Between Pacific Tides, 3rd edition, 1952, Stanford University Press, p. 7.