Saturday Cinema: Shimmering Phenomena

Presented by Cinema Arts

Saturday, January 28, 2023 • 1:00 and 3:00 p.m.

Osher Gallery 1, Kanbar Forum

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In celebration of Glow: Discover the Art of Light we invite you into gleaming worlds of cinematic light and color. A selection of animated and abstract short films shimmer in the theater's darkness to conjure luminous worlds, both kinetic and contemplative.

Dawning by Elon Goliger Mallimson (2021, 30 sec.)
A time-lapse capture of a winter sunrise over the San Francisco Bay, with nimbus clouds transitioning through varied hues into welcomed striking luminosity. 

Hillocks by Maria Constanza Ferreira (2021, 3.5 min.)
Thousands of iridescent structures shimmer in enigmatic rhythms, reflecting and refracting glassy pastel hues. Edges and facets cut through the light and define a moody color field. This meticulous animation breathes life into the otherwise inert and inanimate lab-grown crystals. Specially colored to take advantage of the optical quality of the material, the irregular shapes and abstract compositions suggest clouds, magma, icicles, and otherworldly phenomena.

Luminae by Dominic Angerame (2022, 4 min.)
Black-and-white imagery of a pulsating Sun reminds us of the intense animated glow of stars fueled by hydrogen and helium.

Two Space by Larry Cuba (1979, 8 min.)
The filmmaker explores color afterimages and the illusion of figure-ground reversal through the creation of computer-generated images based on Islamic tile patterns.

Photo: Still image from Luminae by Dominic Angerame