Self, Made Member Morning

Saturday, May 25, 2019 • 9:00 a.m.–noon

Exploratorium, Pier 15 (Embarcadero at Green Street)

Included with museum admission and free for Daytime members and After Dark members.

All Ages

Note: This event is for Members only. Osher Gallery 1 will be closed to the public until 11:30 a.m.

Join us for a morning celebrating you, our Daytime and After Dark members. See and experience our new all-ages summer exhibition, Self, Made: Exploring You in a World of We (May 23–September 2), on its opening weekend. This special members-only event will be full of fun activities and special surprises.

Have you ever wondered what makes you you? Explore the many converging facets of identity on this journey to the center of the self. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Are your cells “you”—and are they still you if they live on long after your death? Do women get interrupted more than men do? Question your assumptions, weigh your psychic baggage, and dare yourself to try on a new persona as you explore both self and society.

This bold yet playful exhibition features dozens of new interactives, artifacts, and artworks, including the costumes worn by Shuri and T'Challa in Marvel’s Black Panther and work by Kehinde Wiley, painter of the official White House portrait of Barack Obama. Come as you are—and let’s take a look in the mirror.

Not a member yet? Join today to attend this event and make yourself at home on Pier 15 all year long.



Costume Creation

Upcycled Costume Creation
With Jesse Wilson

9:00 a.m.–noon

Want to be a superhero? A queen? A dinosaur?  Come use found materials to create any identity you choose!  

Jesse "Roadkill" Wilson is a multimedia artist, craftswoman, and performer. Her work is immersive, colorful, and detail-oriented. Using a combination of many mediums her stories are often told through music, sculpture, costuming and installation. The idea is to build a mythos and history around these stories, creating an alternate universe while providing a visual, audio, and tactile experience.  Jesse is the owner of Skull Island Art and Fabrication, a monster factory that specializes in creative builds in all sizes, from giant stages to tiny model work.


Take a Cellfie

Take a Cellfie
With Living Systems

9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.

Get ready for the ultimate close-up: take a photo of yourself with your very own cells. Learn about the tiny building blocks that make up your body by viewing your own cheek cells under a microscope. Then take your own “cell-fie” and double-expose your face with an image of your cells, showing off what you look like at two vastly different magnifications.



With Explorables

9:30–11:30 a.m.

Made from cups and other found materials, cuppets are stick puppets that prompt the maker to explore the fundamental differences between animals. (Have you ever wondered what makes a house cat different from a tiger?) Use everyday materials to create models and other tools for exploring the world around us.

Explorables has been offering science to go since 1990. Run by a highly skilled, dedicated team of volunteers, these drop-in workshops mix classic activities with open-ended investigations, encouraging participants to follow their hunches to “aha!” moments of scientific insight. All materials provided; take what you make.


Fashion Show

Fashion Show
With Oakland School for the Arts

Kanbar Forum

11:00 a.m.

Through fashion, we can tell stories about our identity, experiences, past, and even hopes for the future. In Oakland School for the Arts’ 2019 runway show, “Social Fabric: Culture, Legacy & Fashion,” 16 fashion design students explore ideas of what we pass down to each other generationally, culturally, and socially, including personality traits, family heirlooms, trauma, hair, physical features, skills, knowledge, pollution, fossils, debt, and more.

Oakland School for the Arts’ Fashion Design Department provides comprehensive artistic and technical training for aspiring young designers. The diverse curriculum for students in grades 6–12 focuses on project-based and collaborative learning. In addition to classwork, fashion design students produce a spring fashion week runway show and are responsible for costuming up to three OSA productions a year.


Free Tactile Dome

Osher Gallery 1

Crawl, slide, and bump your way through the pitch dark using your sense of touch. Free admission to the Tactile Dome will be first-come, first-served.