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Widespread demonstrations for racial justice, record-breaking wildfires, the pandemic, and an intense and turbulent 2020 election year. These historic events have brought dramatic changes—many of them unwanted, others welcomed and long overdue. 

Humans have an amazing capacity to cope with and adapt to change. And some changes bring opportunity. Humans also can be the agents of change—we can reimagine our futures, or work to create a more supportive, just, and sustainable society.

Here, we invite you to share your stories of change. Have you changed the ways you think, feel, and behave? How have you observed others changing, for better or worse? What change would you like to make in the future?

Original mural paintings by Bianca Marie Rivera and Mark Harris. Photography by Amy Snyder.

Bianca Marie Rivera is a Black Puerto Rican illustrator and muralist currently based in San Francisco, California. Her practice utilizes bold, crisp lines and a vibrant color palette to visually explore themes of community, mental health, and all of the moments of joy, quiet, and contemplation in between. You can follow her work on Instagram

Mark Harris is an award-winning artist, activist, and educator. His artwork examines critical issues facing America today. A native of Durham, North Carolina, Harris grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and now lives in San Francisco, California. You can follow his work on Instagram @markharrisart.

Amy Snyder is the Exploratorium’s Director of Photography. Her work has been widely published in newspapers (such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post), magazines, and textbooks, and has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She has received numerous awards for her photography, including being selected for Sotheby’s International Artist Program.

Images: Bianca Marie Rivera's What a Long, Strange Year It's Been and Mark Harris's Let Them Grow during installation. Photos by Amy Snyder, © Exploratorium. Bay Bridge, No Filter (September 9, 2020) from Amy Snyder's installation Shifting Landscapes. Photo © Amy Snyder.