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Ed Tannenbaum

Ed Tannenbaum

Ed Tannenbaum's pioneering work in analog interactivity is on view at museums and science centers around the world, including the British Science Museum, Technorama (Switzerland), and Tempozan Gendaikon (Japan). The recipient of countless awards, Tannenbaum lives and works in Crockett, California.

Discernibility is an interactive video sculpture that allows visitors to manipulate live images of themselves. By altering the gray levels or by stretching their own digital likenesses in various ways, they can experiment to discover how much information is needed to discern an image.

This work addresses the poetics of motion, time and color. A video camera picks up head-to-toe movements of a viewer/participant. A sequence of these images is stored in solid-state memory and displayed on color monitors or projected in controlled "modes" that are based on time and space. Through this work, the participant is able to explore animated effects like how sequences of images create movement. By displaying sequences simultaneously, movement forms are created. The history of the movement is expressed through rainbow-colored multi-images that evoke memories of legendary photographer Harold Edgerton's work.

Elastic Surgery is an artwork that allows visitors to perform subtle or gross distortions to their own face as represented on a television monitor. Visitors position themselves in front of the monitor and have the option to press one of 24 buttons and perform various types of "surgery" on their face. Different buttons have different video effects, such as twisting, pulling, and distorting.