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Global Studios

World renowned as a premier interactive science museum, the Exploratorium is in fact a research and development institution—a twenty-first century learning laboratory that engages visitors, ignites curiosity, and produces phenomenal teaching tools.

Global Studios offers the Exploratorium’s expertise, programs, and exhibits, tailored to the needs of your project or organization. Rather than exporting or cloning the Exploratorium, we work closely with our clients and partners to understand and address their unique goals.

Our partners include local and national governments, universities, museums, libraries, hospitals, and corporations as well as other public and private entities around the world.

Master Planning and Consulting

We bring forty-four years of experience operating and evolving the Exploratorium to helping our collaborating partners clarify their vision and achieve their goals. We work with diverse clients and institutions at every stage, from inception to reinvention, ranging from an exhibit installation at a public market to the creation of the region’s first science center.

Professional Development

The Exploratorium is home to an unparalleled community of education experts who can provide professional development for a broad range of client needs. Whether you seek professional development for museum staff, science festival communicators, or classroom teachers, we deliver inspiring results.

Program Development and Implementation

We create programs that foster deep learning experiences and community engagement. Explainers, After Dark, the Tinkering Studio, Return to Mars, and On the Move are all examples of programs developed by the Exploratorium, many of which we have shared successfully with our partners.

Exhibition Design

From our new galleries in San Francisco to traveling exhibitions like Geometry Playground to custom installations for partners from Arkansas to Ankara, we are expert designers of learning environments populated by exhibits and powered by inquiry. We listen carefully to understand each project’s unique goals and attributes, and then work closely with our clients to ensure that we make the design journey together.

Exhibit Fabrication

The Exploratorium has developed more than 1,000 engaging and interactive exhibits–including 150 never-before-seen exhibits for our new home in San Francisco. We custom fabricate these exhibits for diverse partners around the world. Derived from multiple rounds of prototyping and refinement, our exhibits are known for their exceptional quality and durability.

Educational Partnerships

We collaborate with museums, government agencies, and corporate partners to advance inquiry-based learning around the world. These partnerships take many forms–from the ExNET museum network to science learning in a children’s hospital to after-school experiences for underserved communities.

Join us to reap the benefits of our extended network, content innovation, talent, and over four decades of research and development.
To learn more, contact globalstudios@exploratorium.edu