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Next US Total Solar Eclipse (Apr 8, 2024)

Choose your eclipse adventure.

group of people watching a solar eclipse through a solar telescope

Choose your eclipse adventure.

A 99% eclipse is not the same as an 100% eclipse

When it comes to solar eclipses, 99% ≠ 100%.

A total solar eclipse is all about totality—when the Sun is 100% blocked by the moon. Anything less than that is a partial eclipse. Get yourself in the path of totality for one of nature’s most awe-inspiring experiences.

group of kids watching an eclipse with solar glasses

How to Safely View a Solar Eclipse

Use these tips and techniques to get the best live view of the eclipse—without damaging your eyes!

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Eye Safety

All About Eye Protection

Solar viewing glasses—also called eclipse glasses—are an easy, affordable way to safely look at a solar eclipse. Without these special glasses, the Sun can permanently damage your eyes or cause blindness. You can purchases solar viewing glasses online at the Exploratorium store.