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Kristina Yu: Staff Scientists

Kristina Yu

Senior Director of Science R&D

Kristina Yu headshot

Kristina Yu is the Exploratorium’s Senior Director of Science R&D, overseeing the museum’s science content and advocating for its science agenda and project work. She holds a PhD in Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her keen interest in all things microscopic led her to the Exploratorium, where she leads projects that investigate the convergence of biology and technology, including Seeing Scientifically: Scaffolding Observation of Complex Visual Phenomenon and The Phenomenal Genome. Kristina collaborates widely with the scientific community in the Bay Area and beyond to enhance museum visitors' access to authentic scientific instrumentation and the living organisms that are essential to basic research.

Besides coming up with new ways for museum visitors to interact with charismatic microfauna, Kristina’s favorite things include running and cycling the trails of Marin county and coaching her daughter’s mountain biking team.