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Cinema Arts: Resources and Collaborating Organizations

Cinema Arts: Resources and Collaborating Organizations

Cinema Arts makes a concerted effort to be an active collaborator in the Bay Area cinema community and works closely with an array of local institutions. Please check our calendar for upcoming co-presentations and see below for like-minded institutions and resources.

Collaborating Organizations

This local chapter of the international organization ASIFA was established in 1983. The group gathers on a monthly basis to promote the art of animation and celebrate their personal affection and dedication to the genre.

Artists Television Access
An artist-run, nonprofit gallery and screening space that promotes culturally aware underground cinema and experimental artwork.

Bay Area Video Coalition
This one-of-a-kind organization inspires social change by empowering media makers through a range of classes, educational events, preservation initiatives, and community building.

Canyon Cinema
Formally established in 1967, Canyon Cinema is a cooperative distributor of over 3,500 avant-garde and experimental films. Their collection is a wide-spanning glimpse into the history of the genre and is particularly rich in Bay Area artists.

Through three film festivals presented throughout the year (SF DocFest, Another Hole in the Head, and Northern California Action Sports Film Festival), IndieFest showcases underground film and provides a venue for countless cinema premieres.

Oddball Film + Video
A local microcinema and stock footage house whose programming draws from the Oddball collection of over 40,000 ephemeral films.

Ocean Film Festival
This annual festival is the premiere venue in North America for ocean-related films and aims to use film as a medium to increase awareness about the importance of marine ecosystems.

Other Cinema
For over two decades, Other Cinema has served as a home for challenging experimental cinema, video, and performance. It is housed at the Artists Television Access gallery.

Pacific Film Archives
Situated on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, the Pacific Film Archive is one of the seminal film archives in the country that celebrate challenging cinema through series-based programming.

San Francisco Cinematheque
Founded in 1961, the San Francisco Cinematheque has long been one of the most respected showcases for experimental and avant-garde cinema.

San Francisco Film Society and the San Francisco International Film Festival
The San Francisco Film Society is a nonprofit organization that presents more than 300 screenings annually including the San Francisco International Film Festival, the longest running film festival in the Americas.

San Francisco Silent Film Festival
For nearly twenty years, the San Francisco Silent Film Festival has been dedicated to educating the public about silent filmmaking and celebrating the form.



40 Frames
Run by experimental filmmakers Alain LeTourneau and Pam Minty, 40 Frames advocates for the continued use of 16mm film, providing information about production facilities, distributors, and exhibition standards.

Alternative Projections
This comprehensive web project from the Los Angeles Film Forum explores the history and artists of LA experimental cinema from 1945 to 1980 through comprehensive biographies, collected film notes, oral histories, and articles.

Aurora Picture Show
This innovative microcinema in Houston, Texas, features one-of-a-kind programming and alternative cinema resources for film lovers of all ages.

Center for Home Movies
The Center for Home Movies advocates for the celebration and sharing of home movies and amateur cinema and administers Home Movie Day, held annually in October at over 300 venues nationally and internationally.

Experimental Cinema
A compendium of resources and news related to experimental cinema.

A source for venues and artists to list upcoming screenings and works, as well as the host to the active alternative cinema forum Frameworks.

Handmade Cinema
A guide to what site creator Gregory Zinman describes as “artisanal moving images.” Handmade Cinema allows the user to explore the intersections and relationships of a core group of important filmmakers.