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Pi Day 2017 in Second Life

Pi Day 2017 in Second Life

Come celebrate all things Pi on March 14, 2017, Pi Day, in Second Life. In the Exploratorium sim, we've spruced up our collection of interactive exhibits about the irrational number in the Pi Pavillion on Exploratorium Island.  Be sure to roam around, climb the leaning tower of Pi-sa, and look for more Pi exhibits around the pavillion area.  You can play with them throughout the month!  Share pics of your avatar and the exhibits on Twitter and Instagram to #piday.

DJ Emi spins tunes in the Pi Pavillion at 12:14 Pacific Time (for European residents) and again at 5pm Pacific Time for avatars in the US.

Can't make it in-world?  Take a peek at this YouTube Live stream of the celebration.

Pi Pavillion Pi Exhibits on Exploratorium Island in Second Life