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"Behind Every Love Match There’s A Lot Of Code"

"Behind Every Love Match There’s A Lot Of Code"

What is romantic love? Our new exhibition The Really Big Questions or TRBQ explores that question. In today’s technology-driven world, dating apps and their predecessor -- online dating -- have become part of the conversation. There’s been recent heated discussions on how this has changed dating and shaped app users.


"Technology is neither good or bad," according to Brianna Booth, Ph.D., an expert in human sexuality and an advisory on the TRBQ project “Technology allows us to have many different types of relationships with people...This is an explosion of the diversity of ways that we can connect.”


In PBS Digital Studio’s Modern Love: JDate, and Grindr creator Steve Goldbloom notes that “behind every love match there’s a lot of code” (we won’t unpack that double entendre). The video takes a humorous and open-ended stab at the many different ways to date via apps. But Goldbloom ends on a somber note, asking “Do more options actually translate to more meaningful connections?”


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