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Fireworks in a Bottle

Fireworks in a Bottle

Fireworks may be a really fun way to celebrate the Fourth of July, but we know they are more than a little dangerous. The solution? Grab a friend and make your own liquid fireworks with this simple and safe alternative. It’s time to celebrate with science!

Fireworks in a bottle! Make it at home.

Posted by Exploratorium on Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Cooking oil
Food coloring
Small jar
Large, wide-mouthed jar


  1. Pour approximately a half-cup of cooking oil into the small jar.
  2. Add about ten droplets of food coloring to the oil. Use multiple colors and be careful not to overdo it!
  3. Whisk the food coloring and oil mixture with a fork until the droplets are very small.
  4. Fill the large jar partway with water.
  5. Pour the oil mixture into the water.
  6. Be patient and watch what unfolds.