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Share Your Shore: Crowdsourcing Community Connections to the Ocean and Bay

Share Your Shore: Crowdsourcing Community Connections to the Ocean and Bay

As the Exploratorium environment team embarks on new work investigating the impacts of sea level rise in the Bay region—working with local scientists, agencies, and communities--we realize that not all shorelines are postcard perfect. Many bear historical damage from industrial waste and pollution, others may be compromised by sea level rise or suffer from neglect and crumbling infrastructure. As people around the country and the Bay Area bring attention to systemic racism and social injustice, we also recognize that climate change and environmental hazards disproportionately impact low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.

We are interested in learning more about these critical places and bringing attention to pristine and restored shorelines as well as those that need attention and resources to create wildlife habitat and protect them and adjacent communities against sea level rise and climate change. With World Oceans Day, the Exploratorium is kicking off a social media project inviting you to share photos and your impressions of shorelines around San Francisco Bay and the coast. Is your shoreline a rocky beach? A working port or industrial site? A sandy beach? Do you walk along, fish or swim there? ⁠

Please share your photos of your favorite shoreline on social media using our hashtag #ShareYourShore and tag us @Exploratorium

We hope that this is the beginning of a dialog with communities and people about the shorelines they care about and how to make them more resilient in the future. Describe what you observe, know and feel about the places you are documenting––help us better understand your shore.⁠ ⁠

What's next: Our team may contact you about a potential for your shoreline photograph to be featured in a future exhibit or program at the Exploratorium's Bay Observatory. ⁠