Generating Engagement and New Initiatives for All Latinos
Generando Entusiasmo y Nuevas Iniciativas para Audiencias Latinas

Monday and Tuesday, June 5 and 6, 2017

The GENIAL Summit, generously funded by the National Science Foundation, was held June 5–6, 2017, at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA. Ninety-one practitioners, community leaders, media specialists, and researchers from across the United States and Puerto Rico participated.


  • Identify needs and opportunities for Latinos in informal science learning (ISL) environments.
  • Facilitate and strengthen professional relationships.
  • Identify recommendations, emerging research questions, and actionable insights with an outlook toward the future.
  • Contribute to a more informed ISL field.

Post-Summit Documentation, Articles, and Webinars

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Results from the GENIAL Summit led to the creation of Cambio, a five-year professional development program funded by the National Science Foundation. Cambio uses a transformational approach and framework that combine cultural competency and organizational change to help informal science institutions develop greater capacity to engage Latinx audiences in STEM.

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