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Institute for Inquiry Participant Portal

Institute for Inquiry Participant Portal
Resources, events, and workshop materials for alumni of the Institute for Inquiry’s California Statewide Leadership Workshops.


CA NGSS Resources

Cross-Regional Online Workshops
Recordings, guides, and other resources shared with participants across the state.

Supporting Sensemaking: Analyzing and Interpreting Data (Snails Investigation)
Supporting Sensemaking: Modeling
Science and Literacy: Phenomena and Writing (Ice Balloons)
Supporting Sensemaking: Arguing from Evidence (Mystery Boxes)
SCASS/Exploratorium Workshop: Science Snacks and the CA NGSS

Facilitators’ Guides
These CA NGSS-aligned workshop activities were designed for professional learning providers to use with elementary educators. They're based on activities that participants experience during an immersive workshop at the Exploratorium, though they may vary slightly in timing and format. All files are provided in a downloadable and editable format so you can adapt them for use in your classroom or workshop.

Educator’s Guides for Integrating Science and English Language Development
These K–5 classroom guides were developed in 2013 as a part of an initiative to integrate science and English language development in the Sonoma Valley Unified School District. They pre-date the CA NGSS and were introduced incrementally through a two-year program of professional learning. If you're interested in adapting them for use, we recommend that you read this preface for notes on aligning them with the CA NGSS.

CA NGSS Activity Guides for the Classroom
These K–5 classroom guides are being developed to help teachers translate Exploratorium activities and phenomena into classroom experiences aligned to the performance expectations in the CA NGSS. New topics will be added here throughout 2019.

Regional Resources
Slides, handouts, videos, and other resources shared with professional learning providers at regional workshops at the Exploratorium and online follow-ups.  

Region 1
Region 2 
Region 3
Region 5
Region 6 and 7 
Region 8
Region 9 (Imperial and Orange) 
Region 9 (San Diego)
Region 10
Region 11  
K-12 Alliance


Resources for Bay Area Participants

Master Group Seminar Series, Participant Resources
Enrollment for the current school year has closed. Registration for the 2022-2023 school year will begin in September.



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California Teacher Leader Network

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